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Testimonial #1

Ms Halsan was recently engaged as the project graphic designer for the Salsa Club and completed multiple projects in line with the Club’s vision. I discovered Ms Halsan’s talent via the University of Wollongong network. I have worked with Ms Halsan very closely throughout the Club project campaign online using multiple social media as well as email portals as we are based in Australia and Ms Halsan in Norway.

The Salsa Club project campaign was quite involved and to a project scale which required not only high-level communication but also ongoing liaisons on a regular basis. It would be remiss of me to not mention how impressed I am by her strong work ethic, efficiency, dedication, initiative, punctuality, reliability, results, service delivery and most importantly – exceptional artistic flair and skills to achieve the best project campaign outcomes for the Club: No task was too difficult and no concepts were left unexplored, Ms Halsan’s unwavering patience and attention to detail confirmed that we had engaged the right person for the job. Further, given that I have significant experience and worked on high level marketing project campaigns both for the public and private sector in Australia, Europe and Asia, I had high expectations from the outset and Ms Halsan delivered with utmost professionalism. Needless to say, Ms Halsan undertook the project with great enthusiasm and insight that we were both able to learn from one another. The Salsa Club project campaign included the following:

The UOW Salsa Club Logo

The UOW Salsa Club Brochures

The UOW UOW Salsa Club Posters and Flyers

The UOW Salsa Club Business Cards

My dealings with Monika have been a pleasure and at all times she has exhibited a most professional approach to all aspects of the services she has completed and provided. Ms Halsan is conscientious, diligent, trustworthy and reliable individual who possesses a genuine interest in overseeing a job-well-done ensuring that all job communications were clear and concise at all times so that I am able to communicate all related issues and progress to the Club.

I have no hesitation in recommending Monika RH – Design for any projects big and small and any position related to graphics and design. I can categorically say that Monika will be an asset to any future institution or organisation that engage her services and artistry and will bring with her experience, excellent project management skills, intelligence, dedication and most importantly, hard-work and dedication to achieve the very best result.

Vénuz Arquez
UOW Salsa Club

Testimonial #2

I stumbled across Monika by chance and I’m so glad I did!

She went above and beyond all my expectations in designing my website.

For someone with limited computer skills, she was able to interpret my ordinary ideas and build them into an extraordinary website. My website is not just functional, but also easy to navigate and very professional.

Monika was a pleasure to work with… great communication skills, quick to answer any questions that I had and was more then happy to revise all the changes I requested.

I changed my mind many times and she never got impatient with my indecisiveness.

I will be using Monika for all my future web needs and I’m so relieved I found someone so reliable & creative.

I highly recommend her to anyone needing website design- you will not be disappointed!

Grace Hanna
Lash & Brow by Grace


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