GDH – Graphic Design history

Website for GDH To enlighten other students about five different graphic design style periods going back to the middle of the 20th Century, I had to develop a website for GDH – Graphic Design History. This website is built from scratch using only HTML and CSS. The focus is the style periods, and promoting these in the best possible way.

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January 2018


GEObygg’s website was built from scratch using HTML, CSS and some JavaScript. The focus is to quickly promote the business, its services, earlier projects and employees. The site is easy to navigate, and follows the GEObygg profile well.

Besøk Siden

May 2018


Website for Fit'n'Full bakeryAs an assignment in my Graphic Design study, we had to develop a stand-alone campaign website for a fictive bakery. I came up with a bakery called Fit’n’Full, based in Amesbury, England. This is a rather simple site consisting of only four pages. I built the site from scratch using HTML and CSS. The website’s focus is the new product, chocolate balls, and the campaign that is being launched with it.

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October 2016


Website for Lash & Brow by Grace

A larger project was to design Lash & Brow by Grace’s website. Lash & Brow by Grace specialises in semi permanent eyelash extensions, henna brow tattoo, and permanent tattoo using PHI brow method. The purpose of the site is to display the studio’s skills. I designed it to have a minimalistic, neutral, yet classic look and feel. Features of the website include social media feeds, slideshows and photo grids, online shop, booking form, and a contact form. I set it up with a new theme in WordPress using PHP and CSS. By using WordPress I have made sure future updates will be easy for the client to perform.

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February 2017

Verdal Svømmeklubb

Website for Verdal SvømmeklubbI was asked to develop a new design for a swimming club in my neighbour town, as the design was both outdated and not in line with the club’s visual profile. After a meeting with the leader we came up with a strategy on how to approach this, and I set up two main ideas for how to do the design. The solution we ended up using is a simple one, but with a consistent layout, and colours that are used in the logo. Using their original platform WordPress I also added a new plugin that would easier let them add club records etc. to the site.

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Juni 2018


Website for VestbiWhen building Vestbi’s visual profile I also designed the website. This site is built on WordPress (CSS and PHP), and easier lets the user add content to the page later on – to further help with this I also sent him a document explaining the user interface of WordPress, and the plugins used on the site. The design of the site is greatly affected by the rest of the visual profile of the business, and is a way for the business to promote their honey, have a blog, and also let people get in touch when they wish to.

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April 2018


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